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it's been a while

Sorry folks, been a little preoccupied with life. 

Last week, I had my wisdom teeth removed.  Ugh.  And the week before that I was in Miami, and this week I have to stat preparing for my audition and two college visits.


Some Good News:
- I've been offered a substantial, renewable scholarship to go to one of my top choices in Chicago, my ideal school persay
- I might get into a super special edition of my school's Monologue Show
- Music is still being awesome and free indie stuff (Some Excellent finds: "Paris (Oh La La)" by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals and "Obsessed  With You" by The Orion Experience)
- Lots and lots of Robeks smoothies :D

Some Bad News:
- I have to audition with my monologue memorized.  Very nervous about this.
- Part of my jaw is numb from the pressure on my nerve via the wise teeth.
- My sister is being 18 new levels of bitchdom ever since her friends decided that they don't mind me hanging around and that I might be getting a scholarship.  Nice job Cait.
- I've got two books to read and annotate still for AP Gov and Politics.  (I'm going to love the class and the books are interesting, but I. HATE. ANNOTATING.  When you've been reading at college levels for a while and can reach around 300-400 words per minute, it is the slowest, most time wasting drag.)

Other than that, life is okay.  I was having a good day after hearing about my scholarship possibilities, when I also got to read a new Raccoon Society post.  All the more reason to marry Mat Divine as he is, once again, hilariously funny.  My iPhone continues to suicide in new and profound ways.  And I can't get a new because I can't pay for it though my mom did say she would get me a new one and pay the bill if I get a job.  Unfortunately, I suck at that and will probably have a useless, yet still iPod kinda workable hunk of metal by my birthday. 

Watched Little Miss Sunshine twice, absolutely adore this movie.  Great acting, humor and attention to realism.  Also, the soundtrack alone can make me burst into a fit of joy.  Devotchka.  CHECK THEM OUT.  OR ELSE.  I Also re-watched Juno, still a really good movie even if it got smacked around by the popularity bandwagon.  I tried to watch (500) Days of Summer.  Had to turn it off.  The scene kid exclusivity was making me feel like puking.  And knowing the Smiths does not mean that you have love to the power of TwilightEver.

One thing that's amazing is that my favorite band, the only band I love and the only band I care about is having a concert in Chicago on the 15 of September, i.e around my birthday.  I would kill to get to see them.  Seriously.

Anyway, ttyl.

Miss Red

(P.S.- And I made that icon bitches BD )